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The toughest problems, the highest purpose, and the best people. Our portfolio is transforming healthcare and changing lives. Joining a Rock Health portfolio company is an opportunity to make a difference—for yourself, and the world.

Accountable is an online platform that guides companies step-by-step through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant.


AgileMD is an EHR-integrated software platform that embeds instant access to advanced clinical pathways and predictive analytics naturally into physician and nursing workflow.


Aptible is an application deployment and compliance platform designed to streamline HIPAA compliance for web and mobile technology.


Augmedix is a wearable documentation service that empowers doctors to spend more time with patients and less time on charting.


Bodyport is working on a technology that lets everyone take charge of their health in one simple step. Their breakthrough sensors detect small cardiac signals through the feet to assess key indicators of health. Tailored insights from Bodyport's machine-learning algorithms give every user the power to predict and preempt disease.


ClinCapture is accelerating clinical research and improving data quality.

Marigold Health

Marigold Health is making addiction care management more effective with chat-based group therapy software.

Vivante Health

Vivante Health is creating the first comprehensive digital solution for digestive health.

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